Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photos of "Music With a View 2011" - Part 3 of 3 at The Flea Theater, NYC

Friday night, April 1, 2011 was the last nighty I was able to attend this year's Music With a View festival at The Flea Theater. It was a very pleasant early spring evening, so I walked from my office in midtown Manhattan to White St. in Tribeca. Along the way I discovered the very recently erected, and temporary Andy Monument. Located just north of Union Square on Broadway at  E. 17th St., I was amused enough to stop and watch people looking at this temporary - more than 15 minutes but in the big picture, not much more - monument to Andy Warhol. I'll come back soon and post some picture I took there that day and later on in April, of people stopping to look at the sculpture.

The program at the Flea Theater consisted of works presented by three musicians. The first was a piece for small orchestra and solo voices by Peri Mauer. She was followed by Adam and Atau performing an original work for 4 hands iPhone. The evening's performances concluded with Phyllis Chen on toy piano and chessboard, and Rob Dietz on electronics.

The post-performance discussion was hosted by Alan Pierson.

I'm eager to see and hear what Kathy Supové brings next year. It was nice to see she got some pre-festival coverage in the Wall Street Journal.
This is the program in the order of performance.
Friday, April 1 @ 7PM
HOST: Alan Pierson
-Peri Mauer
-Adam + Atau 4 hands iPhone
Click on the picture for a full sized version




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