Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Catching up with The Unbearables - Fales Library 9/2009

This should've gone up two years ago. I wasn't thinking about my blog back then, though I did share the photos on Facebook. Trying to find them today all I could find were thumbnails. So here they are.

The occasion was a reading following - and in support of - the publication of The Unbearables Present The Worst Book I Ever Read. The librarian at the Fales had a piece in the anthology, and was a very gracious host to a bunch of scruffy and not so scruffy literati.

If I say I like the photos, it's because I do. I hope you appreciate them too.
Click on the link to see them. If you like them, leave a nice comment.

The Unbearables at the Fales Library
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