Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Unbearables at the Bowery Poetry Club: NYC Lit Crawl 9/10/2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011, was the occasion of the New York City Lit Crawl on the Bowery and Lower East Side of Manhattan. I believe it was the fourth anniversary of the event. It's the first time I went. One reason I went was  there was a reading by the Unbearables at the Bowery Poetry Club.

I don't know if this event was planned in conjunction with the publication of the latest Unbearables anthology, The Unbearables Big Book of Sex (Autonomedia Press - I know it's out but I don't know if it's for sale yet. Amazon has a listing but they say it's not available for sale as of 9/11/2011), but the reading was terrific. In fact, of the several venues I wandered into last night, the only one I was in where you could hear and see the readers well enough to really listen to what they were reading was the Bowery Poetry Club.
Anyway, I've become friends with some of them, and pretty good friends with a couple of them. I also find myself liking a lot of what they write as well as who they are. Good people who are going to write and read and publish, when they can, no matter what, because they know that they've got something to say, and  and they know they need to say it, even if nobody else gives a damn about it. So whenever I can, I'm going to get out there and take photos of these folk.

The first few were taken outside the club as people were arriving. They are - in the order they appear here - Jim Feist, Steve Dalachinsky, Chavisa Woods and Ron Kolm.
These are followed by photos of the MC - Cory Jackson of the SF Litquake, and the six readers (with one photo of Jackson in among those.) The readers were Susan Scutti; Jim Feist; Jack Boulware, one of the founders of the SF Litquake and their Lit Crawl, and an adopted Unbearable for the evening; Ron Kolm; Chavisa Woods and the guest of honor for the evening, Steve Dalachinsky.

I hope you like the photos.



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