Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Unbearables' Big Book of Sex - Part 2 of a reading at A Gathering of the Tribes.

Here's the second and final batch of photos I took at the Unbearables' Big Book of Sex release reading at A Gathering of the Tribes gallery on East 3rd St. in the East Village on Wednesday night, Sept. 21.

I wasn't there until the end, so I don't have photos of everyone who attended, nor of everyone who read. If there's no photo of you, and you read, and you aren't pleased, well, get over it. I'm no magician, it was a weeknight and I wasn't going to stay out until 2AM when I've got to get up at 5AM in the morning.

The reading was terrific. Everyone's piece was appropriate, whether a seven line poem, excerpts from a an essay, or a short story. I think the only thing missing from the evening was graphics. The book is filled with them - there's a color insert and the title page for credits for the graphics is two columns long. 

Somebody ought to figure out a way to get someone to pay to mount them as a show at a gallery somewhere. They are worth the seeing.I have to give special credit to the people who put this all together, the editors and organizers as well as all the contributors. It's a big book, it's full of colorful words and images, and some monochrome too. If you don't go out and get it, you are surely going to miss out on something you ought to read, look at and think about. The book is published by Autonomedia.

Anyway, if you click on the pictures they magically grow bigger. If you hate them, well, to bad. If you like them, that's to bad, too. 

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