Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finger Lakes Mini-vacation - Day 2 part 2 - Geneva NY

City Hall
Geneva, NY is a small city located at the northern end of Seneca Lake, in central New York State. Once upon a time, it had an industrial base but now it seems a bit down at the heels but ready to become something new. Immediately south of Geneva on the west side of the lake, and extending nearly the full length of the shore, are many wineries that are making wines worth seeking out. I will write more on that some other time.
On Saturday, a surprising day if for no other reason that an almost balmy day at the end of November is quite unexpected, we parked the car and walked around. I like the buildings that line the downtown streets and with camera in hand, I took pictures. Thank god for wide angle lenses.  I know this outside my usual subject matter, which is people. I hope they are good. Notice, there are no people in these pix. It’s as if the town was posing for me.
Someday, I will go look up these buildings so that I can know more about them: who built them, when, and what their history is and was. The YMCA building, in particular, was surprisingly beautiful in its detail, and reminded me of a Richardson building. But you judge for yourself.

I’ll post more Geneva photos tomorrow. 
The Old YMCA - detail

The Old YMCA - detail
The Old YMCA
The Old YMCA - detail

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