Monday, November 7, 2011

My Daughter Directs a Play

Holly Krakowski, Director

My Daughter, Holly, is a senior at College of the Atlantic. It's a small, liberal arts college in Bar Harbor, Maine. I drove up to see the play she directed, Edward Albee's The Zoo Story. There's used to be a press release at the College's web site, but now it's a blank news release page. If you're curious, click here:
Jabulile Mickle Molefe, Asst. Director
I know, I'm her father, so I'm expected to say she did a terrific job. I'd have said it even if she wasn't my daughter because it was a terrific production of an interesting play. Here are some pictures I took. The first two are of my daughter and of the assistant director, who introduced the play. The rest, well, "the play's the thing." 

I am too lazy to caption all the pictures. The guy with the glasses is Peter played by Phinn Onens. The guy with the mustache is Jerry, played by Patrick McGorrill. They were both very good. The shadow puppets were, I believe, by Renee McManus.





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