Friday, November 25, 2011

Street Photographs 1

 Street photographs 1.
The streets of New York feel more like home than the streets of any other city in the world. The neighborhoods I wander the most are Midtown, Murray Hill, Flatiron and the East Village, but not exclusively. I carry my camera with me and I shoot a lot of street photography, especially of people walking around me. You might say I’m a sniper because with my camera, I mostly shoot people. Even if you don’t say it, I will: I’m a sniper, I shoot people. But nobody gets hurt. Sometimes I shoot something else, but I prefer to leave the scenery for the tourists.
These photos are accumulating and I’ll never completely catch up and do with them what I want. So I’ll take a few minutes to pick one or two and try to post more often. If you like them, say something.
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These three photos were all taken a few days ago in Manhattan.
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The first photo was an accidental one, not planned, not spotted a moment before. It was something that just happened. In fact, it was almost me in an accident. When I looked at it later, and realized it could’ve been my face smooshed up against that windshield, I laughed. The car is a red stretch Rolls Royce. The driver was trying to make an illegal right turn into me at the corner of Mad. and E. 37th. I stopped to photograph the car and the driver. He decided he ought to continue west on E. 37th.

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A few blocks south, still on Madison Ave., I saw this woman trying to hail a cab. I walked past her, turned and stopped to shoot a picture. One of the moments I like to photograph is that of a person or people hailing a cab. When I looked at the picture later, I realized she was wearing boots that were made for hailing a cab.

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Last one for tonight is these two women. What caught my eye were the red coats. It wasn’t cold – nor was it a warm afternoon – but they seemed both dressed too warm and too similarly for it to be a coincidence. I don’t know why they were wearing red coats, and I guess I never will. But please, check out the yellow in this photo.

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