Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finger Lakes Mini-vacation - Day 2 part 5 and Departure

Last photos and a few words. Well, more than a few, but not too many.

Keuka Lake
Ravine at Ravines Wine Cellars
Abel Gonzalez of Ravines

This is it. The end of the line for the mini-vacation in the Finger Lakes. The photos were taken at two wineries and a bed and breakfast. Mostly they are pictures of people doing things they enjoy. The last pictures show the exterior of the John Morris Manor and a view toward the northern end of Cayuga Lake from just in front of the B&B. The other pictures were taken at the Anthony Road Wine Company’s tasting room and the Ravines Wine Cellars’ tasting room, except for one picture of Keuka Lake – which is where Ravines is, and of one of the eponymous ravines. We chose to visit fewer wineries this time, but spend a little more time at the ones we visited, talking with both the pourers and the people around us, who were also tasting.

My overall impression of the wineries and winemakers is that they like making wine, and are proud of the quality they are achieving. A couple of years ago, we attended a wine tasting dinner at the Red Newt Bistro. The winemakers whose wines were being tasted were all in attendance, and we sat at the table with Morton Hallgren, the Ravine’s winemaker and Lisa Hallgren, his wife, co-owner and chef. They were very enthusiastic about their own wines, of course, but what impressed me was how much pleasure they took in the all of the wines we were tasting, and their passion for the region, too. I put it in my mind that I had to get over to see their place, and I’m glad we did, even if I didn’t have a chance to speak with them.

Ann and John Martini are the owners of the Anthony Road Wine Company. I’ve met John a few times at the Union Square Greenmarket. He comes down most weekends to sell his wines, talk to the customers and promote the Finger Lakes wineries in his own way. Meeting him, you just know you have to stop by the winery. It’s situated on a rise above Seneca Lake, with a spectacular view of the lake and the farther shore. It shouldn’t take your mind off the quality of the wine. 

The John Morris Manor Bedand Breakfast is a great place to spend a weekend, or a week, though I've never been there for a week, I am. It is the labor of love of Tony Masullo and John Petronius. They’ve been running it for most of the past decade, and it is what a B&B should be: friendly, inviting, unique and comfortable. I found it while looking for a place to spend a weekend ab0ut five years ago, and we’ve been going back a couple of times a year ever since. I look forward to seeing them, to the homey rooms – each one different for the others, and to Tony’s spectacular breakfasts. I highly recommend the place. The building is a large Federal style house, with a comfortable front and back parlor, and a dining room whose windows look out across the broad lawn toward the lake. The only caveat is this: they have dogs; so if you don’t like dogs, beware. On the other hand, they are most definitely a pet friendly place.

View from the front lawn of the
John Morris Manor
John Morris Manor

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