Thursday, December 22, 2011

Street Corner Theater™ 2

Street Corner Theater™: High Drama in Low Places

I didn't write the script. I only witnessed and recorded the events.

Hey, it was cold, so we went to the movies, but the movie theater was even colder. It was more fun to go out and watch the show on the street.

Thanks to the AMC Loews on Broadway and E. 19th St. for the entertaining sign. I can imagine people shivering in their seats - the outside temp. was in the high 20s, probably in the 50s in the theater, watching some hot film.

The rest of the photos were taken around Manhattan on the same Sunday afternoon in December. It was pre-solstice, and the weather was a little cooler than normal. You'd think, to look at the way some people dressed, that we were in Frostbite Falls, or something.

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