Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reflections on/of the Flatiron Building

Today, a very small post. 

Reflections on / of  the Flatiron Building

New Year's Day, 2012 was bright and sunny in Manhattan. A good day to be out shooting Street Corner Theater™. Sometimes, the street corner is not merely the stage but also the actor. Actually, the street corner is always an actor as well as the stage, especially when a building as beautiful as the Flatiron Building dominates it. I consciously made a decision to not have any human actors in these photos. Looking around that Manhattan neighborhood, the Flatiron Building seems to be everywhere.

The Flatiron Building is somewhat accidental in its beauty. The building has a lovely Beaux-Arts exterior, something that fit the skyscraper style of the early 20th Century. The accident is how well suited it is to the triangle shaped block it sits on - it looks more like a ship cutting through New York City traffic than a clothes iron to me. When approached from the northeast, through Madison Square Park, it dramatically emerges through the trees. The pedestrian island to the north is a perennial photo stop for visitors to NYC. 

 How many people look to see it reflected in their environment?

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