Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fusion Arts presentsThe Unbearables Celebrate Sex at Lambert Fine Arts: Part 2

Moving right along with the second batch of pictures, selected from the dozens and hundreds I took. Refer back to the previous entry for more info on the reading.

The photos are a sort of time lapse film of the event - and if you want the sound you'll have to go get a copy of The Unbearables Big Book of Sex available through the publisher or through fine bookstores - click the link for one I rather like, and here's another (one is for Posman Books, the other for the St. Marks Bookshop - both fine places to buy your books. Support Indie Booksellers!!! Now back to our story.)

You can see in at least one of these photos how crowded the gallery was. When I was a college student I sold beer at the local NHL and NBA teams' games. If I'd brought a case of brews with me, I could've sold out in 15 minutes. So it goes. But you didn't need to be intoxicated to enjoy the reading. I'll caption the pictures later and revise this statement, or maybe I'll caption them and not revise anything. That's dogs work and I am not a dog. There were no dogs there, only hot writers and a sweltering, enthusiastic audience. Maybe if there were hot dogs there . . . 

Enjoy the pictures. Comments and criticism welcome. I do moderate comments, so please, no unsolicited ad hominem attacks, no SPAM.

Click on the photos to enlarge. I know you're going to if you see yourself.

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