Friday, February 3, 2012

What I have to look at in the morning

It doesn't seem to stop behind 363 Elwood Ave. in Hawthorne, NY.

One week goes by without a pile of trash along side the path between the parking lot and the train station, the next it's back and keeps growing. I believe the container is being parked on land owned by either the county of Westchester or the town of Mount Pleasant, and the boat behind it is being stored on the same property. I complain but I don't know that my complaints are doing any good.

Here's some photos of the trash I took this morning. Click on them to enlarge them.

And here are two more I took yesterday. You can see the end of the boat under a blue tarp on the right in the first. The other one is of trash that's been lying around the other side of the building lot. I believe it's time for the town to ask the landlord or the tenants in question to clean up and keep it clean. When the warm weather comes, the dumpsters on the other side of the fence start to stink.

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