Monday, March 5, 2012

Burmese Art Show: To Be or Not To Be - closing reception

Before I went to the reading by The Unbearables at Lambert Fine Arts on Saturday evening, 2/25/2012- previously documented here (check the left column for a list of entries) - I went by the Gallery35 at the Unitarian Universalist Church on E. 35th St. in Manhattan, for the closing reception of a show brought to NYC by The Mantle and art@apt, of several Burmese artists. The show was called “To Be Or Not To Be”. The works varied from the urban version of pastoral (urbanal?) with scenes in Central Park, to highly charged works with political messages appropriate to exiles from Burma.

I was hoping for some Burmese food, but if there was any, I missed it. Oh well. The potato chips were especially delicious for being served in so poignant a situation.

As is my habit, I took pictures of people, and the art work is only in the background.


 I close with two cityscapes. It was a beautiful afternoon in NYC. This winter’s had a lot of days like this. I don’t usually shoot buildings or sky except as backdrop to the people I prefer photographing. I often find landscape photography beautiful yet boring. Sometimes I make an exception for myself, even as i admit that more than a couple of these might very well be boring.
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