Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fusion Arts presentsThe Unbearables Celebrate Sex at Lambert Fine Arts: Part 3

All right! Here's the third and probably final bunch of pictures, selected from the thousands I've taken over the past several years, including the many I took at Lambert Fine Arts that evening. Refer back to the first entry for more info on the reading.

The photos are presented in the order I took them, so they provide an episodic chronicle of the event minus the words and sound heard that evening. If you want to read the poems and stories for yourself, you'll have to go get a copy of The Unbearables Big Book of Sex available through the publisher or through fine bookstores - such as Posman Books and the St. Marks Bookshop - both fine places to buy books, browse and talk about books, and then return to and buy more books. (Now back to the main story.)

The reading was fun. That should say it all. If it wasn't fun, it would've been a drag. Nobody wants to attend a drag. There was more talent in that room than on the 1962-1965 Mets combined.  Of course those were atrocious Mets teams, but they were lovable. I am sure some of these Unbearables are adorable, but that's guesswork. They can tell me if they are or not.

Be patient, the photos will be captioned, which will also make them easier to find.

Enjoy the pictures. Comments and criticism welcome. I do moderate comments, so please, no unsolicited ad hominem attacks, no SPAM. 

Click on the photos to enlarge. C'mon, admit it, you like to see yourself on the web. 

Of course, you like it even more when other people see you on the web!

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