Saturday, March 10, 2012

Street Corner Theater: Another Sunday in the City

March 3, 2012 New York City

The past few years I've been renewing my love about New York City. It's been easier that I thought it would be, and it makes me poignantly aware that when I leave, I will miss the place.

Walking around, looking at people being people: tourists snapping photos of Grand Central Terminal;

  A couple out with their dog for a walk:

A Marlboro Man striding through the crowd, maybe wondering where he parked his horse:

People walking down the street talking with each other, being with each other - though when I see people walking together but talking on their cell phones, I wonder about that.

 People playing around.  There's a story here. The guy with on the left accidentally spit on the other guy's ass. He was trying to wipe it off with his foot. 

Last, meeting people who bring to the city, even if only for the weekend when they visit, their own joy and wonder at being there and feeling the possibility of becoming a part of the city. That' describes the woman in the last few photos. Amanda was going home from a weekend in the city visiting friends with a friend. Chatty, excited and animated, she was a refreshing end to the outing.

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