Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fusion Arts at Space Womb Gallery: Bonny Finberg Read; Rebecca Cunningham performed

Space Womb Gallery
Jackson Ave., LIC, NY

The plan was for several of the Unbearables to read between performance artists. David Rodgers finished up and while Rebecca Cunningham set up Bonny Finberg read some poems.

Ms. Cunningham's performance was intense. It began with her hanging several wreath-like objects from fishing line dangling from the ceiling: roses; large metal washers bound with yarn; bricks and stones bound with wire; a half dozen or so loops of razor wire held together with a red cloth. 

The audience was intrigued.

She took the roses down, circled the audience, passing out a few of them.

The audience was amused.

Then she took down the other wreaths, stripped off her dress and her shoes - she was wearing an under-dress - and sewed the wreaths together, placed them around her neck and then wildly started to swing them and crash them into the floor. The audience was - well - you can see for yourself.

After is was over, at least one person asked me if I thought it would go on until someone stopped it, or if the woman who interrupted Ms. Cunningham was part of the act.

I don't know.

 I believe the work is titled "A Study in Red Weight."

I am always as interested in the audience as I am the performance. The audience is theater, too.

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