Friday, April 20, 2012

Street Corner Theater indeed.

A Spring afternoon in Manhattan.

I had an errand to run that took me over to E. 34th Street, then up Lexington to E. 42nd, over to Madison and back to my office. These are mostly in groups of two describing a quantum: a moment and then another. Something happens in between but we only see the before and after.

Along the way, the usual: people not paying attention where they ought to, or seeing things they didn't expect. People crossing the street in the middle of the block, but everywhere, people. It's all theater.

Someone asked me where I find these people. I didn't answer because the answer's just too obvious. They come to me, I don't have to go far to find them. Midtown Manhattan's a stage and we are all players on it. That's all there is it. The woman talking on the phone's a perfect example: she is posing as if was ready for her close-up, even if there's no Mr. DeMille in her life to shoot it.

This is great. This woman's working part-time giving out little ads for a wellness center. She's really into it - and when we speak I discover her career is in theater - not on stage but in production and stage management. But watching her, I see she's also always on stage. I prefer the candids but who can resist the ones where she's posing?

Is it hard to guess what he's looking at?

Choosing which photos to use of this delightful couple was hard. He's a regular ham. I'm pretty sure he saw me taking pictures even before I spotted them, and started posing as if the camera was already on him. He's an actor who's always ready, never out of character. Gotta love that tie.

Here's the senior owner of Park Avenue Liquors, which is on Madison Avenue. An immense selection of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, among other things, and a very helpful and knowledgable staff.

I call this pair Hope(i) just for love.This guy's boxing out of his weight class, and she's about as interested in him at this moment as he is in the high-calorie coffee based drink in his hand But's give him credit. He keeps on smiling.

I am always looking to catch bits of text in the photos and sometimes they work out better than others.

 Last, but certainly not least, are these. In case you haven't noticed, hats are making comeback.

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