Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sensitive Skin Release Party - 4/26/2012

First there's the reception and then there's the event. Unless, of course, you are of the opinion the reception is the event and listening to writers reading from their own newly or recently published and/or written work is optional.

Shalom and Orange opened their home on behalf of the publication- on paper - of a new issue of Sensitive Skin. They welcomed a large group of guests: friends; writers; artists; performers; musicians; teachers and so on.

Later, most of the crowd moved into Shalom's studio where there was a reading and some fusion art. I am sorry to say that because things started late and I had a long drive home, I couldn't stay for the last performance.

There were people there I knew, whose faces are fun to photograph, including Jim Feast, who wasn't the MC - that was going to be Buddy Meisler, the boss at Sensitive Skin - and Carl Watson, who later would be reading from his newest novel. Carl isn't only fun to photograph, he's an excellent writer and a terrific reader of his own fiction. There were some people I've met only once or twice before, and some new faces, too. Drew Hubner, who would be reading from his book, was a new face. A pair of Brazilian videographers - a couple and I believe they a both videographers, I met once before. She s an enthusiastic and outing type. Her partner was considerably more reserved.

A friend said my street photos reminded him of Bill Cunningham. So here's a pair of shoes.

And what would an event like that be without Harvey Van Toast the Topless Paparazzi. Come back later or tomorrow for more.
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