Monday, May 7, 2012

Street Corner Theater - The dog has its day

This was shot near the Flatiron Building on 5/8/2012

The fun of street photography is in the taking and in the viewing of the photos. I enjoy both parts, both being full of both promise and disappointment. Seeing what I want to photograph and snapping the photo is exciting, and getting two or three more frames ins an effort to guarantee I get at least one good one. But sometimes it doesn't work and I know it. Somebody walks between me and my target, or the light changes and everyone starts to move, or a car or truck gets in the way, or the light changes. Lots of things happen that make the photo fail. Viewing them later I find myself often amused and occasionally amazed at how well some of them came out, and very disappointed at ones I thought were going to be great but aren't.

One of the things I look for is whether or not my subject noticed me. I see it often enough to think of it as a motif. But here is the only time I got busted by a Chihuahua.

The dog's staring at me with an expression of embarrassment. What self-respecting dog wants to find itself shoved into a baby blue sweater and a red nylon Dogo harness? or is that a Dog-0 or Do-go harness? What I know? The only type of dog I really like comes on a bun with some mustard.

Anyway, if you look carefully at the reflection in the sunglasses, you can see the ground level of the Flatiron Building. (click on the photo to enlarge and a second time to make it even BIGGER)
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