Friday, May 11, 2012

Street Corner Theater - Felt Up

New York City is a city of signs and signifiers. We walk past them without consciously registering them. Most are simple, direct and informative, such as a sign on at the top of the stairs to a subway station stating what train can be boarded there; many contain the ambiguities of the English language embedded in themselves - "one way" for instance implying there is another way; some are simply wrong - a misspelled sandwich sign advertising a "chikken stew" lunch special.

Sometimes, the sign is funny and unexpected, its general cultural meaning patent, its use here meant to catch our attention.

I try to capture people waiting in front of or walking past signs. I browse my photos looking for the lucky accident of a sign and a person combining to make a statement.

And if I'm lucky, the picture is rich enough for me to pause and reflect.

This was shot on Broadway around E. 20th St.

If you click on it, you can enlarge the photo.

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