Friday, May 18, 2012

Street Corner Theater - "New Hope..." and poses

Pictures of the Day - What the doctor knows or "New Hope in the Field of Fertility"

Click to enlarge. Maybe that's what I should rename the blog. There are details of expression, nuance and the poster in the phone booth behind the couple.

Which is better: my posing a friend or acquaintance to stand in front of a sign or an ad on the street OR my seeing it happen as I shoot, sometimes with a bit of drama? Well, it's Street Corner Theater, right? So both work.

Scenario: two people walking along Madison Avenue in Murray Hill. He speaks, she puts her hand in front of her face. Is she about to cry or laugh? Behind them, shining infants in a cabbage patch - corny indeed - waiting to be plucked.

On the other hand, there are fantasies and realities: one gentleman wants to be a lover; another wants to (f)"eel good" and the third is possibly hard to control.

As for the last picture, well, that's pure Street Corner Theater. Three suits and a guy with some place to be.

If you've got any alternate scenarios, let me know. Whatever it was, it all happened in a moment.
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