Thursday, May 17, 2012

Street Corner Theater - tourists with cameras

Pictures of the Day: Tourist DNA

This morning in Grand Central Terminal, I found myself at the edge of a pack of tourists, origins unknown, plodding up the ramp to Vanderbilt Avenue, following someone holding a red baseball cap above his head, as if there was anywhere else these people could go. Anyone who missed the cap would end up on the subway, and off on an adventure in the big city instead of seeing what everyone else who follows somebody holding a cap or a pennant or a colored umbrella over his head, making sure his victims - I mean customers - are all on board with him - sees.

I love the individuals and couples I see standing at corners puzzling over maps, orienting themselves to the Manhattan grid, often open to being helped by a stranger, excited about being on their own in nYc.

And then, they take pictures. So imagine the tourist photographer as a sort of reptile: coiled to get the best angle, desperate to get that famous building in the background of the picture of their companion; and then uncoiled and ready to continue placidly touring.

These were shot in the middle of August, 2011, in the Flatiron District.
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