Friday, May 4, 2012

Street Corner Theater - Umbrellas in the Mist

What we have here is another picture of the day. It wasn't raining but she huddled under her umbrella as if … as if I don't know what. I'll admit, it was misty that morning. But raining? Not then.

Anyway, I spotted the big blue umbrella before I got to the corner, and then as I walked past her, standing against the building, huddling against the rain that was and the rain that would be, I took the shot. When I looked at it later, I thought she had a bit of that deer in the headlights look. Was it my camera? Was it the weather? Was it something unrelated to me or the weather? I couldn't know.

It rained later that day, and it might have even rained later in the morning, but I got to my office without needing to open my umbrella.
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