Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Assembling a Magazine: what happens next #35

On Sunday afternoon, June 24, a group of writers and artists gathered together at A Gathering of the Tribes to assemble a magazine. Under the curation of Eve Packer, they put together the Work issue of "what happens next". The gallery was warm, and the crowd worked hard to get the pieces together. If you don't know what assembling a magazine is, it's simple. A bunch of people are invited to contribute to the magazine. They create their piece and drop of the require number of copies - in this case, one hundred. The stacks are laid out in order on tables, chairs, piano stools, shelves, whatever place is available. The creators become workers. The first person takes the cover and one or two pieces and passes them to the next person, who adds the next couple of pieces, who passes it along, each person adding the pages before her or him, until it reaches the last person, who staples it together.

 Getting everything together, and then getting the people coordinated makes herding cats seem simple. Eventually everyone started to get with the program, and the stack of magazines next to the stapler, Ron Kolm, began to quickly grow.

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