Monday, September 17, 2012

Kate Spade Does Polka Dots

A little bit of Sunday fun: Kate Spade Polka Dots

I was walking south on Fifth Avenue. Ahead of me some women on roller skates in polka dots. They were all looking pretty darn retro in their carhop outfits, bobbed hair and ponytails, oversized sunglasses and bright red lipstick.

They were laughing and having a good time, giving out discount coupons to passing women, while innocently and cheerfully flirting with this passing photographer.Check out the guy in the black SUV in the second and  third pictures. He was definitely interested in the action, maybe even wishing he could jump out of his oversized vehicle and get involved in the action.

And the last picture - give the stylist who got these women put together credit for having the whole thing set up in his/her head, right down to the polka dot fingernails. I should've asked the women in the oversized red dots on white dresses to show me their nails. I don't think a whole red polka dot of that size would've fit but small ones, sure.

It is great when you see the people doing the promotion as into it as these women were. They were loving being on skates, loving being in their slightly outrageous but very still very attractive outfits, and they knew it was a way to make selling a fun style fun. They handed a coupon to every woman that passed, told them what was going on, and stayed in character.

But they had heart, too. They kept an eye on an injured sparrow on the sidewalk on the E. 19th St. side of the shop, making sure it was getting better.
The best thing is, I like the clothes!

Though the photos are all copyright me, the fashions depicted on the streets of New York are all Kate Spade's.

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