Thursday, October 4, 2012

100K Poets for Change at Tribes, NYC 9/29/2012

The official name of this reading was:
One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change
The Unbearables
The Feminist Poets
in Low-Cut Blouses
curated by
Larissa Shmailo
Ron Kolm

The date was Saturday, September 29, 2012, from 7PM until 10PM at Gathering of the Tribes Gallery
These photos are now posted to the 100K Poets for Change 2012 Blog. Go here.

Bob Holman
Participants and readers included Madeline Artenberg, Stephanie Berger, Bernard Block, Lee Ann Brown, Bob Holman, Patricia Spears Jones, Elizabeth Macklin, Jane Ormerod, Annie Pluto, Audrey Roth, Sarah Sarai, Iris N. Schwartz, Larissa Sparrow, Steve Dalachinsky, Bonny Finberg, Rob Hardin, Ron Kolm, Tsaurah Litzky, Yuko Otomo, Jill Rapaport, Thad Rutkowski, Jim Feast, Tom Savage, Susan Scutti, Carl Watson, Carol Wierzbicki, Chavisa Woods, Susan Yung and Jordan Zinovich. 

I say included because I think some other people read and some of those listed did not.

The room was hot - almost unbearable - and the poetry, well that was often quite hot too.

I'm doing a simple one picture per participant post here, with a couple of extras, especially Larissa Shmailo who put a lot of effort into getting this right.

Jim Feast

Larissa Shmailo
I also want to thank Bernard Block, who helped me out with the order of the reading and the names of most of the participants that I didn't already know.
Chavisa Woods in the audience
Tzaurah Litzky

Patricia Carragon

Thad Rutkowski

Sarah Sarai

Chavisa Woods

Larissa Shmailo

Larissa Shmailo

Jordan Zinovich

Annie Pluto

Bonnie Finberg

Jane Omerod

Rob Hardin

Patricia Spears Jones

Ron Kolm

Elizabeth Macklin

Susan Scutti

Madeline Artenberg

Susan Yung

Audrey Roth

Tom Savage


Steve Dalachinsky

Ronnie Norpel

Carl Watson

Bernard Block

Yuko Otumo

David Henderson

Mitch Corber
The Unbearables salute

From Somewhere to Nowhere

If it's a picture of you and you hate it, well, I don't. I think everyone here looks pretty good or better.

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