Friday, November 23, 2012

Unbearable Portraits

The Unbearables, to quote their website, "are a loose collective of noir humorists, beer mystics, anarchists, neophobes and passionate debunkers." Or, as they've described themsleves "a drinking group with a writing problem."

I started photographing them about two or three years ago.

These are unposed portraits.
Chavisa Woods
Chavisa Woods read from the newly published 2nd edition of her short stories that meld into a novel, Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind at the New York University Bookstore on 11/20/2012.

Chavisa is an original.You get to know a lot about growing up an outsider - a lesbian and in your face - in rural middle-America. Her stories are gentle and kind in that when you get your throat slit by her prose you don't feel any pain and you slip away without knowing it.

She was preceded by the poet Steve Dalachinsky, reading from his soon to be published 2nd revised and expanded edition of his book A Superintendent's Eyes - with photos by yours truly.

Steve's a contemporary Walt Whitman, but instead of hearing America sing, he hears America groan.

Both books are published by Autonomedia.
And both authors are Unbearables

Jim Feast and Tom Savage


Shalom Neuman

Tom Savage

Jim Feast introduction

Bonny Finberg

Yuko Otomo and Ros

Steve Dalachinsky

Steve Dalachinsky

Love Does Not Make Me Gentle or Kind

Chavisa Woods

Chavisa Woods 
Chavisa Woods

Chavisa Woods and animation

Chavisa Woods

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