Monday, December 17, 2012

Ronnie Norpel's Tract 187 Culture Klatch 11/21/2012

I fall further and further behind.  Here's a little catching up, less than a month late.

Several weeks ago - it was the eve of Thanksgiving - I went to Ronnie Norpel's Wednesday night Tract 187 Culture Klatch. I went specifically to hear Steve Dalachinsky, but I like Ronnie, too, and I wanted to see what she was doing.

The venue, Sasa's Lounge, is a narrow bar on Columbus Ave. between W. 105th and w. 106th Sts. The readings/performances were in the only open space, up front next to the door to the street, a dimly lit 100 square feet.

It wasn't the easiest place to take pictures: the distances; the lighting; the mostly unnecessary microphone; the people moving around. But you deal with what you've got and do the best you can.

The oddest moment was when the first performer stopped reading to play his eyebrows.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Saturday afternoon with Steve Dalachinksy at the Seligmann Center for the Arts

I traveled upstate Saturday afternoon to see and hear Steve Dalachinsky reading at the Seligmann Center for the Arts, which is in Sugar Loaf NY, in Orange County. The Seligmann Center is the late - very late, he died in 1962 - Swiss-American artist's studio and home, now home to a few Orange County arts and culture organizations, as well as the Seligmann's graves and some personal material. Steve's reading was sponsored by the North East Poetry Center. He was chosen their "Distinguished Visiting Poet of fall and winter of 2012." Apparently, some of Steve's friends took issue with him being called distinguished, but during the approximately 90 minutes he read, he gave being distinguished a great shot.

Steve's a poet of both sound and meaning. I can't read his work without hearing his voice, which is a good thing.

There was a nice turnout to hear him. Nearly all the seats were taken by an attentive and appreciative audience. Poets Bill Seaton and Janet Hamill were gracious hosts.

Anyway, here's a few photos I took of the Seligmann Center for the Arts, and of Steve.


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