Wednesday, January 30, 2013

There was a women's clothing store located in the building that dominates the west side of Madison Ave. between E. 41st and E. 42nd Streets. It's gone now. Today more gone than yesterday. It was what they call a "pop-up" store - meant only to exist at that location for a brief time before fading from memory.

Monday, January 28, 2013

A few photos taken on Madison Ave. in the winter, in the evening.

This is something new for me - well, different anyway. Shooting in dim and low light conditions isn't exactly new. Pushing it on myself is. There's no doubt I want to explore the textures that show up in the image - the noise, the softening of outlines, the blending of the shadows, the background and the foreground. The details seem mysterious.

Thoughts appreciated.

Monday, January 14, 2013

a meetup with Karen Lillis: the small press librarian @ The Sidewalk Cafe , NYC

Saturday Afternoon at the Sidewalk Cafe - a meetup with Karen Lillis: the small press librarian.

The notice went out: Karen Lillis was in town, and if anyone wanted to say hi, talk literature, the current state of small press publishing an the difference between living the literary life in Pittsburgh vs. NY, show up at 4PM or so at the bar at Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village.

They've got a great happy-hour at the Sidewalk, and the bartender at that time of the day is Lindsay, a professional at her job, who can mix a very tasty Manhattan while keeping the bar in order.

About seven or eight people came by, most but not all Unbearables. The conversation was lively and ultimately drew in several bystanders, curious about this lively bunch of folk.


Friday, January 11, 2013

The Carol Novack Christmas-Hannukah-Kwanzaa-Soltsice-And-Atheists-Who-Love-To-Party Tribute Party @ A Gathering of the Tribes, 12/28/2012

Ok, sometimes it's better never than late, in which case it was too late. But it isn't too late, baby, for these photos, which I took that night. It was the same day as the trip to the Seligmann Center in Goshen, NUY - or was it Chester or Sugar Bush (whatever) for the reading by Steve Dalachinsky hosted by the Northeast Poetry Center. You can check out those photos here.

Getting back into the city that afternoon, we arrived after the The Carol Novack Christmas-Hannukah-Kwanzaa-Soltsice-And-Atheists-Who-Love-To-Party Tribute Party at AGathering of the Tribes started, and I stayed for awhile, snapping away, listening to poetry and prose and music, talking to lots of folk, and in general having a fine time.

Do I know who all these people are? No. Does it matter? Well, yes, it matters to them.

Featured is the amazing Larissa Shmailo, who contacted me to come to the event and photograph. Sadly, I got there after she read, but I got some great photos of her anyway.

I will eventually add captions to these photos. In the meanwhile, enjoy, help keep Tribes alive - sign the petition (link to come) - and whatever you else you do in 2013, please stop for a minute and hear the poetry, read some poetry, think creatively.

If you have comments, you can sign in via your google account and post. I'll see them and approve any that aren't spam or actionable.

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