Friday, May 31, 2013

Going through the archives - 1

What's scarier than looking at last year's photos? Not looking.

It takes a lot of files to fill up a modern hard drive but really, do I need to carry all those photos around? Of course not, so put them into storage and delete them from my laptop.

But simply putting them into storage is a quick and easy way of forgetting them. Therefor I've been reviewing and selecting. Some will become projects and some stand alone. These fall into the latter category for now.

I like them enough to share them.

I'll admit when I first saw this I thought to myself that she's going to have to either concentrate really hard or flap her hands a lot faster if she wants to get off the ground. Yet it's wonderful to see a person seemingly so serene in the center of the city. This was taken in Madison Square Park.

This guy needs to be careful because when you're walking around with a target strapped to your back somebody might just decide to take a pot shot at you. I believe he's aware of how ludicrous it seems to an observer but when you are riding your bike somewhere and you absolutely need to take your dart board with you, then you do what you have to do to get it there.

And finally this lady, who has just finished locking her bike to the rack and is off to have some fun in the city. There's somebody standing on the other side of her taking a picture, and I'm still wondering a year later if he was taking a shot of her. She certainly wasn't posing for either of us.

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