Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Posing for Someone - No. 2

These were shot at the Flatiron Plaza just south of Madison Square, NYC on Sunday 5/26/2013. The Empire State Building dominates the skyline north of Madison Square and deservedly attracts a lot of attention.

I am guessing that both of these guys are from out of town. The first guy stopped at the table where I was enjoying a cup of iced coffee and the view, to confirm that it was indeed the Empire State, and then tell me that eighty years ago it was the tallest building in the world. I guess so, and it was that way forty years ago, too. He walked toward 23rd St., put his camera on a table and promptly posed for himself. That woman behind him, talking on her mobile device, seemed to be watching him. when it comes to judging whether people on the phone on the street are attentive to anything outside their conversation, I am not sure whether his self-portraitizing was registering.

The second guy was just so happy to be in NYC on Memorial Day Weekend that he had to spread his arms and embrace the world. I guess when you voluntarily come here from someplace else, it's enough to bring joy.

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