Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shalom Neuman at "Ideas City", May 4, 2013 - Lower East Side of Manhattan

Shalom Neuman is an artist who works in multiple dimensions. He is a proponent of art that engages the viewer in a way that invites the viewer to become a participant in the work, which is not finished until the viewer has become part of the creation. His work leaps out at you, it's hyper-saturated color both assaulting and engaging the eye, emitting sounds that range from subliminally recognizable to spoken texts, with flashing lights and sometimes buttons, switches or knobs to be pushed, flipped or twisted. They are constructed from the things that we played with as children and broken objects that are part of our daily lives.
At the New Museum's outdoor art festival, "Ideas City" on the Lower East Side on May 4, Shalom worked with some of his regular collaborators, The Unbearables and with a performance art group Scopiola! He helped Scopiola! get set up in a prime location in Sara Roosevelt Park, and then adorned himself with lights, masks and a well accoutered scooter, he cruised the festival as a kinetic sculpture. He and Ron Kolm distributed cards they created with a picture of a mustachioed Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman on one side and an Unbearables manifesto on the reverse.

I caught up with Shalom and Ron during the festival and turned my camera on  them and on the reactions of their audience. Some got it right away, especially the children who were open to both the wonder and mystery of what Shalom was doing. 

The photos document and complete Shalom's work at the festival. 

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