Saturday, June 22, 2013

People posing for someone . . . no. 4

Three out of four of these, taken last fall, were posing for someone else. One posed for me, but at that moment, I think I must have been someone else.
Three of these were taken in Madison Square Park. Don't tell anyone who doesn't already know, but it is one of the best places in Manhattan. It feels urban but puts the noisiness and crowds of the city at arms length. The surrounding neighborhoods include residences, offices, retail and a few small, just hanging in there factories. Some tourists seek it out but I think most of the tourists who wander in find it by accident and have to take out their guidebooks to find out if it's a place they should be visiting. Well, the private me wants to say "No! Stay away! Cranky people inhabit these acres!" but I don't because there aren't so many of them to be annoying an enough of them seem to appreciate the place that even the heroic statues of Chester Alan Arthur, Roscoe Conkling, William Seward and David Farragut have stopped frowning their objections and look down on them with benign curiosity.

The park has a dog walk divided into two parts: one for small dogs and one for all dogs. The woman in the red leggings is a professional dog walker. It says something about the emergence of new professions that most of the dogs are brought by the dog's employees rather than by their humans.

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