Monday, June 10, 2013

The Acker Awards 2013 in NYC - Part I which is really Part II

The Acker Awards 2013 in NYC - Part I which is really Part II

I got the notice a couple of weeks before the event, and I thought to myself "Acker? is that what you'd call someone who did what Bill the Cat of Bloom County fame used to do - go 'ACK!'" Or is this someone's idea of a half a joke, that something that might get almost hit by anti-aircraft fire would have been acked rather than ack-acked? I didn't think it had anything at all to do with the late poet Kathy Acker, which just goes to show you how wrong a fellow can be. Clayton Patterson had a lot to do with making this thing happen.

I was able to attend the first hour or so of the NYC event on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at the Angel Orensanz Foundation, where I got to see the awards given for Lifetime Achievement to Fred Jordan and Barney Rossett (posthumous, award accepted by his widow); Editorial to Ron Kolm and Jim Feast; Poetry to Bob Holman, Steve Dalachinsky, Eileen Myles, Jim Brodey,  Patricia Smith, Harry Nudel, Lionel Ziprin (Posthumous), Dorothy Friedman (not all of them were there) and Fiction to Carl Watson, John Farris and Janice Eidus.

Then I left.

Part II, which is really Part I, which are photos I took during the time when people hung out and talked to each other, will show up here eventuality


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