Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Bubble Man's got no home

Pity the poor Bubble Man. I don't know his name, but I know he brings a bit of entertainment and wonder to kids and adults in some corners of Manhattan.

For months I'd see him near the southwest corner of Madison Square Park with his buckets of soapy bubble juice and his bubble makers: several sets made of two wooden handles joined by a couple of feet of clothesline. He'd dip the clothesline in the bubble juice and create six-seven foot long bubbles. People, including parents and children would join him in the wonder of creating ephemeral rainbow bubbles.

Then I didn't see him anymore. I asked one of the park rangers I'm friendly with and he told me that some people complained - though I can't imagine what they were complaining about - and he was told he couldn't do it anymore. I guess some people can't stand seeing other people having fun.

Last weekend I spotted him in the plaza on the western side of Union Square Park, bringing joy and wonder once again. I spoke to him for a moment about his Madison Park problem and he told me he was having a different but similar issue at Union Square that would prevent him from using the plaza. He was moving to Washington Square Park, and was hoping with a small addition of equipment, a tarp, he would soon be back at Madison Square a couple of afternoons a week.

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