Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tribes: Charlie Parker Festival poetry reading @ A Gathering of the Tribes 8/25/2013

Slow summer; lazy summer: I could've done more.

Anyway, I went to the Tribes gallery on E. 3rd St. for their annual Charlie Parker festival poetry reading (click the link to go to the page at Tribes).

 I only stayed for the first half - mostly the Unbearables reading. The mosquitoes were getting to me. But it was a lovely setting despite the insects.

Here's some photos of the people:
Chavisa Woods was emcee and read.
 Steve Dalachinsky, with whom I collaborated on the newly expanded an revised edition of "A Superintendent's Eyes" (Unbearable Books/Autnonomedia)
 Yuko Otono
 Dorothy Friedman
Patricia Spear Jones
 Ron Kolm
 Bob Holman
 Bonny Finberg
Danny Shot

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