Sunday, January 19, 2014

Release party and Reading for Bonny Finberg's latest novel Kali's Dat at Unnameable Books 1/17/2014

Bonny Finberg exhibiting her nervousness before beginning
Bonny's great, what I heard read from the book, Kali's Day (Unbearable Books 2014) sounds terrific, and the reading was excellent - but it was somewhere in the heart of darkness - I mean Brooklyn, which as popular as it might be now for artists, writers, hipsters, Chasids, strivers, scenesters, and gentrifiers, is still almost as out of the way as the Congo river for someone living north of the city. Seriously, it took me forty minutes to get there from midtown Manhattan, and more than 2 hours to get home.

When I bitch about going to Brooklyn, that's all I mean. Otherwise it's nice, but don't ever tell me it's convenient for me.

Anyway, the readers were Diane Spodarek, who lived in New Zealand and possibly came all the way from there to read for Bonny, which makes my complaint about a long trip rather trite, but if she is already staying in Brooklyn, than not; Ron Kolm, Carl Watson and Bonny.

Unnameable Books is okay, but the basement was a rather dimly lit place for a reading and so I'm satisfied with how the photos turned out.


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