Sunday, February 9, 2014

Steve Dalachinsky, Edith Lettner and Waren Smith @ The Cornelia St. Cafe Dialogues 2/14/2014

I think I always take too many pictures just to make sure I get the right ones. Sometimes I get too many that I like.

I went to hear my friend and collaborator Steve Dalachinsky performing his poetry with Edith Lettner on saxophones and Warren Smith on percussion at the Cornelius St. Cafe in NYC's Greenwich Village on 2/4/2014. It was part of their Dialogues series and it was seriously superb.

I have heard Steve read numerous times but never as part of a jazz ensemble. It was an experience I am glad I had because it was another side of Steve's genius. He has been described as a jazz poet, and as much as that could be a riff on his rhythms and wordplays, hearing him that night it was as an integral part of the music. It can only be described as beautiful and I spent far more time listening than photographing.

The only thing I couldn't figure out was who the heck Cornelia Street is and why did they name a street after him, and not call it Cornelia Street Street. 

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