Monday, October 31, 2016

Tuli Kupferberg Memorial at the Sidewalk Cafe - The first post in a long while

Wow, it's been months since I posted anything. It's not that I haven't been taking photos - because I have - but because I've been lazy about putting them together.

So why today? Simple: yesterday I came into the city to cruise around on a CitiBike. I first rode down to the Lower East Side, expecting to stop by The Van Der Plas Gallery on Orchard Street. Adrian was busy getting the next event put together so I said hi and goodbye and hopped a bike and rode up to the Sidewalk Cafe on Avenue A, expecting to have a beer and then head home.

When I got there I learned that there was going to be a birthday memorial for the late Tuli Kupferberg  and instead of saying Fug- gedabout it, I stayed and took some photos.

One of the musicians, Rachel Swaner of the group R², emailed me to ask if any of the photos I took came out good. I think these did. Rachel Swaner is on the accordion and Rebecca Tilles is playing a guitar - not that you can see much of it in the photo - the guitar, that is.

If I get another chance to hear them, I will because they play well together and have a lovely sound.

Their next show is in Williamsburg (that's in Brooklyn for readers unfamiliar with NYC) at Pete's Candy Store on 12/10 at 8PM. Go hear them if you can. 

And I will post a few more pics sometime soon - of other people remembering Tuli.

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