Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Getting to know the neighbors - June 2016

Catching up is hard to do. It does seem that the faster you run the further behind you get. I think Lewis Carroll made that observation in “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” As an example, I took photos at a holiday party nearly two years ago and I haven’t edited them yet. If instead I work on things that I’m doing now, I can jump this way and that when I have time and catch up one thimbleful at a time.
I’ve been working in the area of Madison Ave. and E. 48th St. for 2 ½ years. It was a strange experience after working further down in Midtown for many years, and then near Penn Station. This neighborhood is far more crowded all of the time. There are more office buildings and they are mostly taller so the pedestrian traffic is awful. If it were cars, it would be gridlock. There are construction sites on every other block, sidewalks narrowed by the protective sheds or diverted into the street, protected from automotive traffic by orange and white plastic barriers.
Yet I’m out and about and I’ve become a friendly acquaintance with people in some of the stores, restaurants and delis and some of the banks, and faces I see every day in passing occasionally become people to whom I say hello.
I shot these photos in June 2016. It was a lovely early summer afternoon and she was outside the place where she’s employed. She had been very helpful when I had some minor issues with the accounts I maintain with her employer so a nodding in passing became a hello how are you. I thank her for letting me take these photos and put them up here.

As for the guy on the lavender scooter - is that a Vespa? - I think someone should have just walked over to him and taken the phone out of his hand. I might have but I was busy taking his picture. Even when waiting for the light, distracted driving is dangerous. If he hasn't bred yet, he has put himself in the running for a Darwin award.

If you like the color, the scooter's pretty nice.


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