Friday, November 4, 2016

Melissa and Ron: two clerks in a bookstore that isn't there anymore

Sometimes looking for old photos leads to discovering unexpected treasures. An overly organized person never knows the incredible pleasure of finding something you didn't even know you ever had, or something so worth remembering that you can't imagine how you ever forgot them.

That's these photos of Melissa and Ron, two clerks who worked together at the Posman's Bookstore that sat near the southern end of Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Passage.

I used to stop in to see them regularly and became very good friend's with Ron Kolm, a writer, editor, one of the original Unbearables, a great bookseller and an all around nice guy. The other is Melissa - I can't remember her last name right now. She was into ink, so in a way, working in a bookstore was very appropriate. But it wasn't her calling so she did eventually move on.

These photos were taken without planning and in commemoration of that, they are essentially unedited.

Looking at them, I see that each is the chapter of a story. Maybe some day I'll write that story.


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