Thursday, January 12, 2017

A very short story and the photo that goes with it

A few weeks ago I was at the bar in the Sidewalk Cafe on Ave. A in Manhattan. It was an early sunset and I got into a conversation with these three people. They kept talking about their experience with another person, not present, and their manner of describing this absent party was such that I had to ask: was this person the boss from hell, a huge, ogre who upon entering a room bit off the head of the person nearest the door, picking up others and hurling them into the wall on the opposite side, leaving them jerking in agony on the floor?

It wasn't and the gentleman on the right, in the watch cap, had some very choice words to say about the person they were discussing and his rather close relationship with her.

Anyway, here are Todd, Lila and Jonathan. If you run into them, they can tell you more.

Two other randomly selected photos.  One was shot outside the Sidewalk a little bit later. It was an early sunset.

This one was shot a couple of nights before, while walking past the former location of a Jimmy Choo store in the Waldorf Astoria. I worked in retail a long time ago.

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