Thursday, August 24, 2017

My own public Idaho

I'm in Idaho.

In another post I'll say something about being in Idaho.

When you think of agricultural products in Idaho, what do you think of?

That's right, peaches. Sweet, dripping with juice, picked ripe and ready to eat, a delicacy to be relished. Peaches so good you didn't know they could be that good, peaches unsafe to eat while driving, peaches that when you finish one you look around for another. That's how good those peaches are, growing and being harvested right now at Willola Farms along the banks of the Clearwater River.
Whether hanging in the tree, waiting to be plucked or hanging out with its friends in the cool room, waiting to be bought - and bought they will be, and turned into brandy and wine, jelly and sauce, pies and tarts and eaten plain, they are peaches to be remembered.
These peaches are so good, even Coco, usually chasing birds through the bush or following Ed up to the orchards, can't seem to get enough of them.
Linda and Ed Wylde, my sister and brother in law are making sure my visit is surfeited with peaches.
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