Friday, December 1, 2017

What I've been doing the past month - photos

Yuko Otono 01/2013
Of course I've been taking pictures but I've been doing something different with them for the past few months and now I'm ready to show an analog of the results. I find it funny to put it that way since what I've been doing is learning to print them on my new photo printer and what I'm posting here are not at all prints, nor scans of prints but a web resolution file that I created while getting ready to print.
Jim Feast, Shalom Neuman, Monty Cantsin

It took me a little while to look at my digital photos with the intent of printing them, then more time to learn how to make the prints look the way I want them to look and then to learn how to composite multiple images onto a single sheet.  Along the way I had to develop a workflow that used several pieces of software to get the image to the point where I clicked the print button.

Steve Dalachinsky 10/2013
Having gotten that far, I started going through photos from the past decade or so, deciding what I want to print now, what I want to print later, what I want to learn how to manipulate into images I want to print and what I'm never going to print. In addition, I started playing around with color and bl&w, especially where I couldn't decide which version I like better.  This has been more time consuming than I expected but I believe it's worth the time I'm spending.

The prints are multiple images on 13x19 inch paper and when I say I'm pleased and surprised by the impact of a print, I hope you believe me. These postage stamp size images don't do them justice, even when clicked on to expand them. But so it goes.
Joe Maynard, Jill Rapaport, Bonnie Finberg

At some time in the not too distant future I hope to have these and more mounted in a show. I'll let you know when I do.

Monty Cantsin
Gerard Krakowski
Carl Watson

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Yuko Otono

Ron Kolm
Ron Kolm, art work by Shalom Neuman

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