Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Frisbee Golf in Fertile!

Farm road outside Fertile, MN

The headline for this week's Fertile Journal read Frisbee Golf in Fertile?

I was going to laugh, and maybe I did, but seriously, in Fertile MN, Frisbee golf could be a big deal.

The two times I've been to Fertile, I discovered that in their politeness, the locals tend to describe someone who is outside the range they consider normal to be "interesting." I asked if I was interesting and was told that since I was from NYC, I was automatically interesting.

Frisbee golf, played at the Agassiz Enviornmental Learning Center, on the fringe of the Sand Hills - ask me about them sometime - would, I think, be inherently interesting. I expect that matches would not be the occasion for tragedy or feuds but rather the building of community spirit, if not the consumption of spirits.

Street Scene, Fertile, MN
Anyway, I'd hope that a Frisbee golf tournament would bring out the crowds and get some people onto the streets for some post-tournament celebrating and carousing. The article in the Journal suggested as many as 400 might participate, and that's easily 45% of the population.

Notice all the action on Mill Street on a Saturday morning. Frisbee golf, for all any of us know, might change this.  That's the Fertile Journal office two doors down on the left.
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