Monday, August 3, 2020

Monday - Back into Manhattan, now waiting for Isaias. Trump upset because Brix told the truth

I got back into Manhattan today. The train in the AM was a little fuller than it had been but there was more than enough space for all the passengers. The platform was a tad more crowded too, as you will see if you look at the picture I post. The streets, still mostly empty which still feels weird.

I went out for a midday walk and was pleased to see my first food truck - Diso's Italian Hero's - on Park Avenue. I chatted briefly with one of the crew and now I know what days they are there. 

I also had a confirmed out-of-town visitor sighting. I chatted briefly with them. They weren't from very far away - Connecticut - but they aren't regular commuters. they were in the city for a short honeymoon. They were pleasant and I was happy to see them. I'll post a shot of them, too.

I was also pleased to see that Doofus Donald "Boogers for Brains" Trump was making it all about him again. Dr Brix made a statement about how the virus is spreading into all parts of the country and extra caution is needed. So what did the a-hole-in-chief do? He tweeted that she's pathetic for making him look bad. It doesn't take much to make him look bad, but this performance is right up there with him whining about Dr. Fauci having a significantly higher approval rating than he has.

The sTrump'et mafia restarted their tv ads, attacking Joe Biden with a libel concerning his religious beliefs and attitudes toward religion. Mr. Biden is pretty mild when it comes to government interference with religion and in truth, I fear he will not do much to protect people from religion. I know people think I am religious because I regularly attend services but attendance and faith are two very different things. People of faith are a mystery to me but I'm okay as long as they keep it to themselves. When they start preaching to me, I have to walk away. sTrump'et is even less religious than me, and if anything he is a blasphemer and a major sinner. But he's hooked a large portion of the Evangelical Christians in America, who have drank his Kool Aid and not yet vomited up the poison. I don't know what they fear - nobody I know wants to take their religion away from them, but they aren't satisfied with that. They want to impose their structure on everyone. Pretty screwed up.

I think Biden is a believer in Catholic doctrine and also in government and religion being separate. I can live with that.

Unelect Trump and then LOCK HIM UP!

There is some order to these photos. First, the empy parking lot and platform in Chappaqua, including a pair of socially distanced bicycles, then the platform in Grand Central Terminal; then empty streets, a food truck and a pair of newly weds from out of town.


Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sunday - still hot, but it's August so that's not unexpected. The Repulsive Republicans are ready to starve the unemployed

Sundays such as today tend toward chores and errands. A toilet seat needs to be replaced, screens repaired, paperwork and more paperwork. Yet everything gets done and the day winds down so that I can stop and think for a moment.

I am getting ready to start writing fiction again. A couple of story ideas are percolating through my brain and when they finally arrive in my hands and fingers, I will put them on paper. I enjoy writing, otherwise I wouldn't be practicing by writing a short piece for the blog every day for the past three months and more. But this hasn't been fiction, this has been about surviving the worst of the pandemic in the NYC region and then coming out the other end full of righteous indignation at what the so-called leader of this country is doing to all of us, and all those who are his enablers, and the zombies who follow him. 

He is an enabler himself. He gives permission to racists, bigots and the most selfish people to express themselves and act on their hatred and bigotry. He stands as an example of everything that is wrong with America and Americans, and we need to confront this side of ourselves, and overcome it, becoming better people and making our nation a better place. We will never eliminate racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, religious bigotry and hatred, but we can make it less acceptable, we can teach our children, our neighbors, our relatives and our elders that when everyone is accepted, we all are, and we all have more. It's not a zero-sum game. Everyone contributes and it all adds up to more.

We can welcome the refugee, the migrant and the immigrant. We must make space at all of our tables for those who live alongside us but we've kept them outside until now, the descendants of slaves, the native Americans, and the first step is to take back our country from the wannabe tyrants who control much of the government right now.

Not able pass legislation he wants because the Repulsives lost the House and have a scant majority in the Senate, the sTrump'et tries to rule by fiat. His imperial edicts, though, are one after the other challenged in the courts, delaying their actions. Many are stopped, many are allowed but they are all revocable when a new government takes power next year. 

The Doofus Donald wants to become King Boogers for Brains the first. We are going to make him a one-term president and whether he likes it or not, he'll be out and facing some serious consequences for his actions as President and before.

A friend of mine one quipped, "beauty might only be skin deep but ugly goes to the core."
So people of good will, good Americans all of us, vote this year and vote the ugliest man who has ever served as president out of office and into prison.

Unelect Trump and his band of Repulsives.

Take back America - make America American again.

And now a few photos - more things I see, including signs.


Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saturday - The outside of the house is looking great. Trump looks like crap but don't tell him.

The carpenters and painters are hard at work making the outside of my 210 year old farmhouse look great. I think it looks better now than at any time since I bought it, including after the last exterior paint job. I  am pleased and I will be even happier when it's done and we can get back to normal around here.

Between the painter's van, the carpenter's van and the assistant carpenter's car, getting in and out of my driveway has become an amusing automotive ballet. For short trips without packages, I've been using the motor scooter. Riding the 18 year old Malaguti Yesterday is fun except in the rain or when it's cold, so I can't say I'm complaining. But the one-lung scooter, with a shade under 50cc displacement, goes up the steep hills at about half speed - say 15 MPH, which causes some of the drivers behind me to become impatient. They should be glad I'm not pedaling at half that speed. Going downhill it is zippy and I usually rein it in before it hits 40 MPH. That's still too slow for some of those trailing me, though the posted limit is 35 MPH. I can't say I'm too sympathetic since I'm usually not going more than 3-4 miles on most trips.

Today was a perfect day to take a ride, and I did a loop from my house to Chappaqua to Pleasantville and back. There's one hill that big trucks can't take at the speed limit and you can be sure I can't either.

I am still shaking my head at how nasty Pedophile Enabler Jim Jordan was toward both Fauci and Giroir, as if their calm and levelheaded approach to attacking the pandemic was a personal attack on Jordan, who obviously sees the diseases as directed at him, his beloved leader - that is Boogers for Brains sTrump'et, and everything he believes in, rather than a killer slaughtering over a hundred fifty thousand Americans and many more around the world. 

Because his brain froze sometime in the past, he cannot change, so he rants and rails and postures for his base as a demagogue and an ideologue. People like him, when they talk about "the left," which is anyone who has not drank his particular Kool Aid, are horrified by his performance. If I lived in his district I'd be ringing everyone and telling them that if they are people of good conscience, they should dump him yesterday.

In the Congress, where the People should matter, millions are left hanging as the Repulsive Republicans cannot see the misery they are causing. Everywhere they look it's a conspiracy against them and their core beliefs. Well, they may have convinced a lot of people that the assholes in the Senate, generally but not exclusively Repulsives, and in the House, also mostly Repulsives, to vote against their own best interests. but anyone with half a brain sees that those Repulsives mostly don't give a damn about anything except themselves and holding onto power at any cost.

In the White House, anarchy rules while the sTrump'et lies and deceives himself. Let him keep at it until he is ushered out of the office next winter.

Unelect Trump
Dump the Repulsives out of the Senate.

I still am amazed at how empty midtown Manhattan is during a weekday. A few I took yesterday.


Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday - The heat wave broke -skateboarding - sTrump'et's sock puppet Jim Jordan shows a high level of public incompetence.

I went to Manhattan again today. Still hauntingly quiet. I did see a few tourists, but only a few. I wonder if they were local tourists.

The restaurants are still closed, and that makes finding a spot to relax with a friend a little harder. Lucky for us, the rain broke early and we found a spot to sit in a plaza where the seats were not still wet.

The sTrump'et administration acts as if it's above the law until it gets caught. The Dept. of Homeland Security was monitoring journalists and distributing their "intelligence reports" to other law enforcement agencies until they got caught at it, and now they are stopping. Don't they know it's illegal? And that they are not above the law?

In Portland, they ask for the right to target journalists because they believe some protestors are hiding behind a press pass. Isn't the rule supposed to be a presumption of innocence?

sTrump'et is seeking to undermine trust in the electoral process because he can't actually make it go his way. It won't matter if he accepts the results, what will matter is that he is escorted out of the White House, either on his own or under duress, but either way, escorted out.

During hearings in the House of Representatives, accused enabler of pedophilia, Representative Jim Jordan, acting like a demagogue, a small-town Joe McCarthy, tries to hijack the hearing today with Fauci and Adm. Brett Giroir with a tirade and pointed questions about religion when the hearing is supposed to be about the administration's mishandling of the pandemic. It was a pathetic performance by a low grade ham. Fauci handled him well by refusing to stoop to accused pedophile enabler Jordan's level, and by keeping politics out of it. Now wonder Dr. Fauci is more popular than the Repulsives.

If the Repulsives treated the pandemic as seriously as it deserves, they might not seem as incompetent to govern as they do. But it goes against their grain.

There was more, but it's Friday and I'm tired.

The photos were shot this afternoon. While I was chatting with my friend these skateboarders started practicing until the building's security gently asked them to leave.

Skateboarding is not a crime.

Unelect Trump
Vote Joe Biden 2020
Take back the US Senate from the Repulsive Republicans and the sTrump'et Zombies


Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thursday - The outside repairs to the house move forward, Doofus Donald Trump spins until he's dizzy

Despite the heat, the painters and carpenters are doing a great job making the exterior of my 210 year old home look great. I am very impressed and will definitely give the company a recommendation. I would be melting out there if I had to do the work.

But damn, it needed to be done and it's getting done. Damn the cost, just do it.

I wish I could say the same for the Repulsive Republicans in Congress and the White House. They dither and dawdle, arguing among themselves about the non-plan for relief they still haven't formulated, flailing in waters they no longer know how to swim in, desperate to blame their opponents. I know some fools out there are buying it but it seems that Abe Lincoln's maxim about not being able to fool most of the people all of the time is coming true again. We will see come November.

Doofus Donald once more showed off his booger brains. He tweeted that he wants to postpone the elections in November, which he cannot do by law, and then when the trial balloon flopped and hit him in the head, he essentially walked it back saying he didn't mean it. With the sTrump'et he says on thing in the morning and the opposite in the afternoon. Who knows what he'll say tonight.

His sock puppet/cat's paw, Attorney General William Barr put on a poor show yesterday, spewing out the bilious falsehoods and misrepresentations that the sTrump'et's been farting all along. It was sad but again, his Repulsive Republican allies lapped the urine up as if it was mother's milk. 

Are there no persons of honesty and good will sitting among the Repulsives, or have they all been pummeled into stupefied submission, turned into brainless zombies, but their fear of the sTrump'et's twitter feed?

So let's do it: Unelect Trump, take back the Senate and drive some more Repulsives out of the House. 

A few more photos from my trip into Manhattan yesterday. It is still quiet and much more empty. I am also including aa small group where I played with a polarizing filter. It's interesting how quarter turns of polarization make a difference.


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Wednesday - In Manhattan it felt like 99 in the shade. Jim Jordan was channeling Joe McCarthy during the House Judiciary Committee hearing

Yes, it's summer, almost August, and Manhattan is supposed to be hot. But damn, day after day this heat just wears on. I like getting out for a walk but on days like today, I am tempted to stay in the AC.

In Washington, alleged pedophile enabler Jim Jordan, a Repulsive Representative from Ohio just dripped bile while going off topic - the topic was supposed to be competition in the digital marketplace - to attack the CEO of Alphabet for allegedly censoring Conservative voices. His face was full of anger but I didn't feel he was really angry, just putting on a show for the cameras. He claimed to be defending freedom of speech but the only freedom of speech he seemed to care about was that of the far right. I imagine if Sundar Pichai said, "oh no, we are going to do our best to make sure the President is reelected," Jordan would've shut up.

If I am not mistaken, in the US corporations have free speech protections, and McCarthy, I mean Jordan, doesn't give a hoot about that if they might say somethnig against his positions, which are somewhere to i the neighborhood of Franco. Everyone to his left is a socialist and there is almost nobody to his right.

Meanwhile sTrumpet, during an interview for Axios, admitted he said nothing to Putin about bounties paid to the Taliban for killing American soldiers. He hemmed and hawed, well we helped arm the opposition when the Soviets were fighting in Afghanistan, but that fell flat, so claimed the intelligence brief never reached his desk, then hemmed and hawed some more and said something about how people are always going on about Russia, but what about China? Well sorry to tell you Mr. Boogers for Brains, but we know you asked the Chinese for election help, and we have been going on about China gangbusters.

Unelect Trump - he has proven he is just not up to the job.

And Ohioans, do something and dump Jim Jordan, a demagogue already, and probably a criminal.

The photos tonight were taken this morning and during the middle of the day. Manhattan is still a bit of a ghost town, as you can see. But most people wear masks.

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