Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Few Ex-Strand Books People Getting Together For Lunch

 Saturday, Aug. 12.
NYC - Lexington Ave. between. E. 27th and E. 28th Streets.
 Outside, sunny, warm, a very pleasant summer afternoon in Manhattan. Nothing to complain about there.

Five people planning to meet for lunch, all because one of us ran into another one of us.

Why this restaurant? It is Kosher, and one of the attendees

keeps Kosher. The only non-Jewish person in the crowd paid that person's meal. 

Besides the fact that everyone in the group is old enough to drink, the only common denominator is all of us worked at the Strand Bookstore at one time or another and somhow, it still matters.

We sat and talked for a surprising amount of time. First we had to wait for one late arrival, and by the time we ate all the food we ordered, drank the beer and tea, it was almost dinner time.

So hello out there to Abigail Hope, Ron Kolm, Thomas Elias Weatherly, Victoria Wolfe, and me.

Harry, you should've been there. Maybe next time.
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