Monday, November 21, 2011

Wild New York or Hawk 1 - Squirrel 0

Hawk one, Squirrel, nothing.
There are thousands of squirrels in NYC for every hawk, so taking a picture of a squirrel is no big deal, but a hawk, on a lawn, in a midtown park, isn't something I see everyday.

I’m taking a walk in Madison Square Park on Friday afternoon and I see this aggressive, large squirrel jump up on the back of a bench where it commences to hassling a couple of women who are trying to eat their lunch. The squirrel points his / her paw at one of them and skreeks out something about her potato chips. She drops them on the ground before the squirrel can take another hostile step toward her. The squirrel leaps down to the ground and without worrying about the victims, commences to scarf down the booty. This is not one rodent to let the chips fall where them may.
Monday afternoon, I go for a stroll through Madison Square Park. I see a crowd gathered alongside one of the fences erected to keep human visitors separate from the grass and fallen leaves. I walk over and what do I see but a hawk standing over a squirrel, once fat and aggressive, now hawk food. 

The hawk, unimpressed by its audience, gives the crowd a "back off buddy" look and keeps on eating.
So go ahead, people, feed the squirrels, fatten them up, so that the hawks that patrol the park can have a more succulent, tender meal.

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