Tuesday, May 15, 2012

View from Hawthorne Station NY - late Dec. 2011

Catching up on pictures in my archives. This one I took in December 2011. I already wrote the words below, but I never got around to posting. So here's today's Picture of the Day (fanfare, please.)
This is a picture of a wire. I think most people who look at this picture think it's a picture of the sky or maybe the bleak, leafless trees against the sky. But I saw the wire, and then I took the picture. If there was no wire, I would've said to myself "nice sky," and gotten on with the day. But the wire, which I could edit out so that people who think this is a photo of a dramatic morning sky would be undisturbed by the slash of human industry cutting across the frame. Yet this is what this is a picture of. If I took the wire out, it would be a picture of nothing.

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