Monday, September 3, 2012

Crossing the Hudson on Foot: Walkway Over the Hudson

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Took a walk across the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie NY on Saturday afternoon. It was absolutely the perfect time and place. We started about 5:30PM and without rushing, were back at the car by about 6:30. By that time of day the sun is far enough to the west and the breeze is up, so the walk is comfortable and relaxed.

I took a few more pictures than these, but these are a good sample of what it is like.Imagine Manhattan's High Line without the crowds, with the river 300 feet below, with the Mid-Hudson Bridge just south and the river emerging from the  Hudson Highlands further south, beyond the bridge. To the north, the river peaceful and broad, the Catskills rising to the west.

While it is a marvelous place, some people are so amazed by the experience they can't control themselves and have to express their joy and delight by leaping in front of anyone taking a picture.
Other people find the experience inspires contemplation, and connects them to something both inside and outside of themselves. 

If you don't know the story of the Walkway Over the Hudson, go to their website at to learn about how an abandoned railway bridge became a beautiful linear state park.

We ended the afternoon eating on the terrace at Andy's Place, a family owned restaurant/tavern in the shadow of the Walkway. I don't think they have a website.

It was an excellent ending to a most pleasant afternoon.
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